Panum Culture

We believe in a balanced company culture that motivates our team to reach and exceed goals and is central to success at Panum. While our employees are constantly challenged with new goals and complex projects, Panum prioritizes creating an environment that fosters a manageable work/life balance. We incorporate wellness, both physical and mental, along with professional growth opportunities, innovation and teamwork in order to allow our employees to grow both personally and professionally.

Work-Life Balance

Our commitment to making Panum a great place to work begins with making sure our employees are happy and well rewarded. Our flexible policies accommodate different circumstances in order to help employees perform at their best. For example, many of our employees have different work schedules depending on their commute distance and means of transportation. Additionally, several managers allow their teams to work from home on Fridays.

Panum also organizes community outreach activities and social events for our employees, while continuing to develop new programs, resources and opportunities that will contribute to everyone’s well-being at the company.

Professional Growth Opportunities

We believe that professional growth and improvement sometimes occur outside of your comfort zone. For this reason, we challenge our employees and empower them to make decisions, as well as mistakes, because our goal is to have a team that is constantly growing and evolving.

We also support career development within Panum, offering opportunities for employees to take initiative and get involved with several departments at the company and rewarding them for their contributions.

Panum is committed to establishing a culture of learning and professional development using both traditional and non-traditional methods of learning. As a result, we created the Panum training platform which has 3500+ courses that cover a wide variety of courses including personal and professional development.

Innovation and Teamwork

At Panum, we believe in team success and collaboration. Teamwork is integrated into our culture because it spurs innovation, as employees challenge each other to think outside the box and accomplish more. Panum encourages employees to leverage their creative abilities in order to create new solutions, as we are constantly working to develop new ideas that challenge the status quo and evolve with the services we provide to customers.

As a company dedicated to driving innovation and excellence, we give our employees the opportunity to grow, improve, and inspire!


Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance plans are some of the most generous in the industry for individual as well as family coverage.

401k and profit-sharing plans provide for an employer match with one of the oldest and largest mutual fund families in the country.

Panum is proud to offer some of the most competitive benefits packages in the country. Learn more by checking out the link below!