Talent Acquisition

Why Panum?

If you love solving problems, providing technical management, or being part of a team offering work/life balance, and real-world solutions to the customer, there is a place for you here at Panum. We are looking for uniquely qualified individuals who are ready to be challenged and move their career to the next level. Come join us!

Talent Acquisition Team

Steve Cairns

Talent Acquisition Manager

“It’s exciting to work with a company that has the innovation, passion, and dedication to get great things done! Panum is committed to recruit the top-level talent needed to ensure the success of our clients! Panum has built a work environment where excellence is achieved every day and I am eager to help people find their place here!”

Kimberly Dash

Senior Technical Recruiter

“I've quickly become impressed with Panum's commitment to their employees and customers. I've seen, firsthand, how different departments come together to support not just one another, but the task at hand, and work as a united front to ensure we cross the finish line and achieve mission success. Panum has provided nothing short than a first-class working environment and has staffed their Senior Leadership teams with some of the best and brightest, making it truly a pleasure to wake up and come to work every day.”

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