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Panum Enable™

Integrated Business Transformation

A proprietary Organizational Change Management accelerator for building the workforce of tomorrow

When research shows 60% of all change initiatives fail to deliver their intended business benefits, one thing is clear: it is time for a change. Traditional approaches take too long, cost too much, and deliver too little. By the time you have completed the change, the world has moved on. That is why we created Panum Enable™, the Transformation Accelerator.


The Panum Enable™ approach begins with a simple equation:

Input + Activity + Output = Outcome

People employ their skills (Input), engage them in their work (Activity), and create products and services that customers expect (Output). Result: goals become reality and objectives are achieved (Outcome)

But when market dynamics demand new ways of working, and rapid innovation drives continuous change, the ability to restructure, recruit, resize, and reskill the people on your team has never mattered more. In a world of continuous disruption, developing organizational agility through workforce reshaping is quickly becoming the only sustainable competitive advantage.


Built on four interlocking modules targeting the key drivers of organizational change, Panum Enable™ supports transformational outcomes today while preparing your workforce for the demands of tomorrow. We understand that real transformation is more than implementing new technology and reengineering processes: it’s the continuous evolution of leading people through change. We combine the quick-win concepts of agile development with the continuous improvement philosophy of Lean principles to deliver rapid change and long-term organizational agility.


Process Elevation

applying Lean principles to accelerate change

  • Defining Value to align with organizational objectives
  • Mapping processes to identify waste
  • Creating the flow of process, technology, and people
  • Leveraging “pull” to focus on value
  • Pursuing perfection through continuous improvement

Human Capital Management

aligning employees with organizational goals

  • Transforming human resources into a competitive advantage
  • Leveraging potential through talent acquisition and career development
  • Acquiring and developing talent with the skills to achieve organizational imperatives

Behavioral Science

engaging psychology to prepare people for change

  • Identifying barriers and developing strategies to lessen resistance to change
  • Modeling behavioral change through incentives and motivation
  • Enabling a growth mindset as the foundation of success

Objectives and Key Results

guiding change with
data-driven insight

  • Accelerating change via short-term objectives and measurable results
  • Ensuring speed, accuracy, and precision throughout
  • Building momentum by achieving quick wins
  • Aligning tactical initiatives with strategic objectives