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Panum Armor™

A proprietary Cyber Threat Intelligence accelerator  tailored to the evolving threat landscape

Today the United States public sector is attacked from various sources including attacks from both nation states and for-profit hackers. While NIST has not promulgated or endorsed a specific threat framework, it advocates the use of a threat framework in addition to a cybersecurity framework to inform risk decisions and evaluate safeguards and actions taken.  Public sector entities face the challenge of overhauling their security posture that is incident response technology to bolster their security, streamline their operations, and manage their spending—all while staying a step ahead of their adversaries. From malware and ransomware to spear phishing and botnet, agencies must anticipate the next threat to safeguard their mission and information.


Panum Armor™ Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) detects, analyses, and minimizes malicious activity on an organization’s network, device or data. It enables organizations to be proactive rather than reactive in an event of potential cyber-attacks by analyzing cyber threat information through meticulous and structured tradecraft techniques.

​Armed with Threat Intelligence, our elite team of threat hunting experts offers unique ability to support your cybersecurity policies and procedures to ensure reduced or minimal threats by providing intrusion prevention, systematic analysis of security controls, data classification, tracking & enforcing regulatory standards, and training your personnel to establish a security operations strategy.

Our asset-centric, attacker-centric, and system-centric methodologies help threat intelligence analysts to identify, classify, and prioritize threats for defined security outcomes. To strengthen your organization’s security posture, our experts are trained in Strategic, Tactical, and Operational threat intelligence skills.


Strategic Threat Intelligence – Designed to provide a vantage view of your organization’s threat landscape, Strategic threat intelligence aids executive-level security professionals to operate high-level organizational strategy. It provides detailed reports on policies, risk management strategy, research analysis, cyber-attack trends, patterns, statistics on breaches, data loss, attackers Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP). firewalls or intrusion detection/prevention systems, endpoint detection, and other similar capabilities.

Tactical Threat Intelligence – Devised for security teams and defence architects, Tactical threat intelligence is highly effective allowing your organization to act promptly and mitigate cyber-attacks by recommending countermeasures and feeding indicators of compromise (IOCs) to security tools. Real-time monitoring aids our Threat Intelligence experts to gather data for the IOCs, which includes reported IP addresses, malware files, phishing emails, virus signatures, botnets, fraudulent URLs, and other types of cyber-attacks to validate alerts, support rules for firewalls or intrusion detection/prevention systems, endpoint detection, and other similar capabilities.

Operational Threat Intelligence – Aimed at providing highly specialized, technically focused intelligence, Operational cyber threat intelligence guides and supports the response to specific cyber-attacks. It includes trend analysis, showing the technical direction of threat actors, indications on a specific target, exposing malicious TTP, digital forensics management, threat management, security architecture, and security awareness training. By augmenting intelligence at each of these levels, Panum’s Threat Intelligence practice provides deep insight into cyber threats, allowing Security Operations Centre (SOC) Teams to develop a defence strategy to combat and mitigate threat actors’ ability to move laterally within the organization.



Forensics and

Identify threat actor behaviour and their TTP to imminent threats and improve security posture.


Real-time traffic analysis to control access to IT network, monitor intrusion data and take preventative actions.

Threat Share

Identify threat actor trends such as APT groups and their TTP used with MITRE ATT&CK framework to provide coherent protection with SOAR, firewall, SIEM, and EDR integrations.

Deep & Dark Web

Proactively identify and neutralize threats at the very beginning of the cyber kill chain with threat analysis across the surface, deep, and dark web.


Accelerate your attack response by aggregation or dissemination of data by setting rules on tagging, enriching and prioritizing vulnerabilities


Provides real-time information to make risk-based decisions on the security IT systems and data.