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Panum Culture

At Panum, providing a place where you can find purpose is what we are all about. Whether it is Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Health Sciences, Organizational Change Management (OCM), Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Cloud Transformation, FOIA Support, Logistics, or Training, we make your career aspirations our business.
Join Panum and explore all we have to offer.

Innovation and Teamwork

Partnering to explore solutions that help our clients transform business is what Panum is all about. With a culture of belonging and an award-winning portfolio of services tailored to each customer’s specific mission needs, culture, and challenges, Panum provides rewarding opportunities to innovate, participate, and achieve your career objectives.

Professional Growth Opportunities

It’s more than just a job! At Panum, we hire the best, talented people in our industry and empower them with the resources to support career aspirations, providing an environment where you can thrive.

Interested in growing your CAREER? At Panum, professional growth includes collaborating with colleagues and clients, creating career growth opportunities, participating in educational reimbursement programs, and growing Thought Leadership to shape the future of business.

Unlock Your Potential

At Panum, we focus on opportunity. We want our employees to tap into their inner strengths to unlock their potential, challenging themselves to do great things and, in return, experience the feeling of intrinsic reward that comes from developing both personally and professionally. We want to help you grow!

Work Hard Play Hard

At Panum, the motto “Work hard Play hard” embodies who we are. Panum employees are engaged, enthusiastic, and devoted, ever-improving on quality with great pride and passion.

“Work hard” represents an ultimate maxim for the work at hand, and “Play hard” is the complement. Panum employees feel the excitement that comes from having balanced work accomplishments with a zest for life, engaging fully in anything that gives a sense of inner joy.