Change Management

Panum’s organizational change management (OCM) practice provides a structured approach to leading people through change. Working alongside your organization’s project and executive management teams, Panum’s OCM experts develop and execute the strategy and tactics that ensure project success and sustainable change.

Panum understands the importance of aligning organizational change with strategic objectives and tactical goals. Assessing the impact of change on stakeholder groups, we collaborate on the development of effective communications and training plans, fostering the behaviors and new skills needed to adjust to new ways of working. Our metrics-based approach ensures change initiatives achieve desired outcomes and provides the tools for reinforcing and sustaining the change over time.

Panum Enable™

A proprietary Organizational Change Management accelerator for building the workforce of tomorrow today


Data driven analysis to assess the organization’s readiness for the change and identify the most effective approach and the resources needed to ensure the successful transition from current-state to future-state.

Identify stakeholders and spheres of influence. Assess the level of commitment of each stakeholder and map actions needed to enhance agreement, trust, and support for the change.

Identify obstacles that may hinder desired outcomes before they occur. Develop mitigation strategy and specific actions to be carried out across the lifecycle of the change initiative.

Identify behaviors necessary to support and sustain the change. Develop incentives to reward behaviors contributing to project success and minimize the frequency and impact of those that do not.

A detailed plan to communicate the need for change and motivate people to participate actively and enthusiastically in the initiative. Provides ongoing updates and celebrates wins, building momentum to accelerate progress.

Developing and tracking Objectives & Key Results (OKR) to set goals and track progress. OKR accelerates change by delivering change informed by Agile principles: quarterly objectives, quick wins, and course correction congruent with long-term organizational vision, goals, and strategy.