Putting collective ingenuity to work

Technical innovation across the globe continues to redefine IT, business, and everyday life. In the public sector, modern technologies have led to a fundamental shift in service delivery by the federal government as more and more federal systems transition from process-based and automated data collection to the use of accumulated data to derive intelligence. Government network service needs have become increasingly similar as a result of this new technological framework, prompting efforts to consolidate the acquisition of network services, such as the current administration’s IT modernization plan.

Panum helps federal government agencies become more efficient in mission execution by implementing innovative acquisition policies, disciplined portfolio management, and cutting-edge technologies that have resulted in efficient operations on the commercial side (i.e. Cloud, AI). We bring in Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have spent their careers with the federal government focusing on agency-specific missions, as well as experts from the commercial side, not only to solve complex mission challenges, but also to manage long procurement life cycles and constantly challenge ourselves to exceed customer goals.

Panum is committed to solving our customer’s toughest challenges, working with a diverse base of public and private sector customers. We continue to invest in markets, capabilities, and talent while building new business models through strategic acquisitions, ventures, partnerships, and service offerings.

Federal Civilian Agencies

Working side-by-side with federal civilian departments, Panum provides expertise in food safety, citizen safety, loan modernization, legal advisory to federal civilian government agencies to help them deliver their public service mission.

Defense and Intelligence

We work with many defense customers across the government on IT strategy development, force development, training support, logistics, environmental and safety support, contracts and acquisitions and medical preparedness to ensure mission critical networks and infrastructure are secured and operational. Panum’s subsidiary, Marton Technologies Inc., specializes in mission support and offers a wide range of services for federal military customers.

Homeland Security and Law Enforcement

We assist Homeland Security and Law Enforcement leaders anticipate and prepare for complex and ever-changing challenges. We support several DHS components including the US Customs and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration, DHS OCIO among others.