Integrated Logistics

Panum’s Integrated Logistics Support Services includes planning, developing, acquiring, and sustaining well-defined, affordable support strategies for Army material; we provide operational capabilities, facilitate velocity, enable military readiness, and produce quality services, while assisting in preserving and protecting the well-being of the force.

Our objective is to create enterprise solutions that integrate innovative concepts and technologies to meet the needs of our clients. Our reputation for delivering successful logistics services and solutions comes from our ability and determination to employ our experience and capabilities on behalf of our clients, implementing seamless and disciplined process-based procedures.

To meet our client’s challenges, Panum subject matter experts (SMEs) and consultants work to ensure strategic alignment with agency missions and goals while maximizing performance and minimizing risks for Logistics Services.

Panum provides the agency with comprehensive Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) encompassing services, training, training development, and capability development focused on equipment lifecycle management and development of innovative technological solutions.


  • Panum provides Field and Sustainment level maintenance support on DoD tactical vehicles and equipment and commercial vehicles to include emergency response vehicles (ambulances, fire engines, etc.)
  • Panum assists in surge requirements and provides support to Unit Maintained Equipment (UME), Leave Behind Equipment (LBE), pass-back maintenance, container repair, equipment warranty, and modification support functions.
  • Panum provides support to Installation Supply Support Activity (ISSA) operations; Central Issue Facility (CIF) Operations, including warehouse storage, receipt, issue and turn-in of Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE); Installation Property Book Office (IPBO) management for Government Furnished Property, including inventory management and recordkeeping; and Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) operations including the receipt, storage and disposal of hazardous material. Moreover, we support retail supply operations including the receipt, storage, and issue of field rations, consumable items, and petroleum package products; fuels storage and distribution; construction material; live ammunition receipt, storage, and issue; receipt, storage, and issue of major end items including vehicles, communications equipment, and ground support equipment and the procurement, receipt, storage, and issue of equipment repair parts.
  • Panum provides support to tactical units, temporary duty assignment (TDA) units, and Government civilian activities. Panum conducts stock control and procurement of supplies and equipment for equipment repair, warehouse operations, facilities maintenance, equipment modifications and upgrades, and overhead operations.
  • Panum transports and organizes general freight including breakbulk, Full truckload (FTL) and Less-than-truckload transportation (LTL), rail upload and shipment, Unit Movement operations, Personal Property Shipping coordination and scheduling, unit deployment support, transportation Motor Pool (TMP) management of commercial vehicles and buses, and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) operations.