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Health Sciences

Panum understands that government customers need to make informed decisions and ensure that their work is evidence-based and grounded in high-quality health sciences.

We appreciate that nutrition communication and outreach are critical to the impact and success of our customers’ work.
Our experienced team has nutrition science and nutrition communication and outreach capabilities to support a wide variety of needs. We support them with time and resources to attend trainings, workshops, and conferences so that customers benefit from the latest advancements in their fields.

Our nutrition science team is ready to support customers with research projects, such as systematic reviews and data analyses and modeling, that are customized to address a wide variety of evidence needs.

They are skilled project managers who work with customers to define the scope and parameters of a research project, and develop comprehensive plans and timelines. They are trained scientists who can identify the best sources of evidence and apply best practices to carry out the research projects. They are accomplished science communicators who develop clear and thorough reports, peer-reviewed articles, web content, or other end products to document the research.


Systematic reviews are research projects that answer questions using existing​​ research studies (such as randomized controlled trials and cohort studies). They are the gold-standard approach to understand the quantity and quality of primary research on a topic. Most organizations making policy decisions (such as the World Health Organization and government agencies) use systematic reviews to inform their work.

Data analyses and modeling are research projects that answer questions using existing data sets (such as the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey). They apply diverse statistical methods to answer a range of important data-driven questions, such as those about healthy food patterns and their costs.

Our nutrition communication and outreach team is ready to support clients with the strategic development of a wide variety of content. They are experienced nutrition communicators, who work with clients to assess needs and develop plans for a variety of communication or outreach needs. They are trained content strategists, visual designers, and web developers, who apply best practices to execute diverse projects. Capabilities include:
  • Nutrition education campaign development, promotion, and outreach
  • Visual design (infographics, animations/gifs, photography and postproduction editing, branding)
  • Web design and content management
  • Social media marketing