Developing Organizational Program Management Capabilities


A Department of Homeland Security component was faced with the challenge of consolidating the management of program activities to establish greater portfolio oversight. The customer sought an effective integrated approach that could provide the framework to monitor and control the portfolio for their major Programs. The customer needed to identify ongoing fiscal constraints, determine the impact of budget planning decisions, and create effective and efficient acquisition strategies to meet agencies’ mission needs.


Panum provided program management solutions in alignment with the Program Management Institute three-tier competency structure: program, acquisition, and cost management.

We worked directly with the DHS component program managers to clearly define requirements to develop accurate cost drivers to ensure that budget development assumptions are defendable, and accurately forecasted. Panum organized and developed an integrated process to define funding requirements and operational priorities in terms of agency’s mission and program capabilities. Next, Panum streamlined agencies Program Management Office’s budget planning and execution processes, by implementing an automated contract management tracking system, and establishing process-oriented acquisition management procedures.

Panum reviewed individual Program documentation, including the technical performance baseline, Life Cycle Cost Estimates, expenditures plans, and programmatic data. Upon analyzing this documentation Panum created an automated scorecard system that provides a consistent framework for monitoring and communicating the status and health of programs within the agency portfolio.

Finally, Panum created and implemented schedule management tools to create an integrated master schedule of ESVP investments. Panum established a process to align spending with the project’s schedule and work performed. As well as, we monitor and track invoicing and conduct analysis of invoices to ensure mission services and products are delivered to agency customers.


The implementation of Panum’s programmatic contract tracking system has enabled agency management to proactively plan their acquisitions, ensuring that planned requirements are implemented in a timely manner. The tracking system has aligned agencies technical and process-oriented acquisition management procedures and reinforced the value of enterprise-wide collaboration during project execution.

Panum’s cost estimating toll provides agency management with the ability to perform “what-if” cost estimating scenarios to determine the impact of potential funding decision within the ESVP investment portfolio. The cost tool has provided agency with the ability to make informed decisions when budget cuts have been requested. Panum’s portfolio tool-set provides agency management with a decision-making scoring system that ranks each requirement based on scope, schedule, and cost, that assists with determining which investment in the portfolio will yield the greatest benefit and return.