Management Services

Portfolio Management

Panum understands that federal agencies are being asked to do more with less. We provide excellence and proven results while reducing costs in setting up and managing federal Program Management Operations (PMO) Offices. Our SMEs work to ensure strategic alignment with agency missions and goals while maximizing performance and minimizing risk. Panum supports federal agencies in providing Portfolio management to include Program and Project Management, IT Governance and SDLC Oversight, Requirements Management, IT Strategic Planning, Policies and Procedures, Performance Management, Quality Assurance, Testing, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), and C-Level Advisory support. As part of our portfolio management support we work with Enterprise Architecture (EA) governance boards in creating, maintaining and updating information EA repositories.

Financial and Budget Management

Panum assists federal agencies in the budgeting process and standards in developing federal lifecycle cost estimates and tracking performance data. We successfully provide Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) services using industry standard tools such as Oracle Primavera and eCPIC. Panum provides insight and expert advice in ensuring that the agencies attain and maintain “Green” ratings on their IT Dashboards for Portfolio and Investment Management. We utilize our tailored processes, developed based on lessons learned from supporting federal budgets for over a decade, in moving agencies towards a performance-driven environment with Technology Business Management (TBM) capital planning framework guidance from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Panum provides full lifecycle Grants Management support to federal agencies in ensuring that the funded grants are timely and in compliance with agency and federal government policies. In addition, Panum provides travel management services to include auditing travel costs, managing travel cards and analyzing spend plans and expenditures.

Organizational Transformation and Change Management

Panum supports federal agencies in developing the necessary preconditions for performance improvement and successful transformations. Our transformation starts with clear, consistent, and ongoing direction-setting initiatives along with constant communication with agency personnel. Our approach allows agencies and its personnel to understand the need for change and have the right capabilities and motivation for Organization Change Management and Realignment, including Human Resources planning and implementation. Panum brings the skills, experiences with licensed optimization technologies, and our own proprietary tools to the table to help agencies realize software improvements, cost savings, and improve operational efficiency in distinct ways including IT modernization, cost avoidance, software optimization and indirect IT labor savings resulting in an improved FITARA scorecard ratings.

Business Process Re-engineering

Panum believes that great outcomes are everything. It’s what drives us to turn bold ideas into breakthrough solutions. We work closely with federal agencies to re-engineer processes to improve delivery, reduce complexity and costs, minimize duplicate data and foster organization wide collaboration. We also integrate re-engineered processes with people and technology, analyze impacts to workforce, deploy processes through change management initiatives and operate and maintain processes by measuring performance. Panum implements Robotics Process Automation, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), where appropriate, for repetitive rule-based tasks.