Personal & Professional Growth


The company operates with integrity and with respect to diversity and is a critical factor of what we are. Diversity goes far beyond the confines of HR. It's a value that this entire company embraces from the top down. Panum draws from its rich ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds which allows us to bring different ideas and solutions to the table, making us all stronger and richer.


Wellness is all about keeping our people happy and healthy. And this means different things to different people. For some it's about managing their weight, others it's having a healthy work-life balance or participating in team sport. And to some it may simply mean forming small club with the people that you work with. Whatever the definition, Panum strives to understand and then develop programs, resources and opportunities that will contribute to everyone’s well-being at the company

Learning and Development

Panum is committed to establishing a culture that encourages learning and professional development using both traditional and non-traditional methods of training. As a result, we created the Panum training platform which has 3500+ courses that cover a wide variety of courses including personal and professional development. As a company dedicated to driving innovation and excellence, we give our employees the opportunity to grow, improve, and inspire!


Panum participated in the Greater Washington Heart Walk and American Heart Association (AHA)’s "Healthy For Good" Initiative. The Heart Walk is the AHA's premiere event that brings communities together to raise funds and celebrate progress in the fight against the country's #1 and #5 killers, heart disease and stroke.