Corporate Social Responsibility

At Panum, we are driven by an innovative spirit that promises strategic thinking, breaking the status-quo, a corporate culture focused on our employees, and a passion for giving back to those in the communities in which we serve. Our Corporate Social Program (CSR), Panum Cares (PCare) is comprised of four pillars 1.) Governance & Ethics, 2.) Philanthropy & Volunteerism, 3.) Environmental Awareness and 4.) Personal & Professional Growth. These pillars lay the foundation for our corporate social responsibility program. These pillars are part of companies work culture and decision-making process.

Governance & Ethics

Everything we do at Panum follows Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) rules. Our Ethics and Compliance Program promotes and ensures ethical conduct, honesty and integrity throughout our business operations. It is built on the foundation of our four core values- Integrity, Quality, Respect & Teamwork. These values are shared with our employees, contractors and partners to produce a corporate culture of doing the right thing in the conduct of the company’s business-every day.

Philanthropy & Volunteerism

Our approach is giving back to the communities in which we live. We believe in and work towards creating positive social impact through comprehensive non-profit partnerships and active employee engagement efforts towards causes we all believe-in. We work on measurable outcomes for our social investments to help transform the lives of those most in need. And when we asked our employees what they cared most about, the response was-Veteran Support, Children and Hunger. As a result, we have focused our philanthropy and volunteerism efforts in these areas with ongoing support for disaster relief.

Environmental Awareness

We really want our employees to truly make a difference through their work, together with colleagues, out in their communities, or to help create a greener, healthier world. Panum has made a commitment to enhance its sustainability practices, by focusing on these specific areas: Waste Reduction & Energy Efficiency.

Personal & Professional Growth

Panum’s commitment is to make Panum a great place to work but also an inclusive place to work for all employees. Panum ensures that we maintain diversity, promote wellness, and foster learning and development.